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Good Money Week 8 - 14 October 2017

This year the Church of Scotland are partnering with Christian Aid Scotland, Eco Congregation Scotland and Oikocredit to host our annual conference to mark Good Money Week.

'What have faith and money got to do with Climate Change?' will take place is St Andrew's and St George's West Church, Edinburgh on Thursday 12 October. Places are free but limiited: Book online at Eventbrite

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image Published: Aug 04, 2017

Linking Lives UK

Earlier in the year, the Jo Cox Commission on Loneliness was launched at the Houses of Parliament. Issues around loneliness are now appearing in the media on an almost weekly basis, such is the concern by government, charities and wider society.

Linking Lives UK is working hard to address these issues by supporting churches to set up befriending schemes in their local communities. These schemes enable volunteers to visit those affected by loneliness in their own homes, normally once a week for around one hour. These visits can be a real lifeline and are an opportunity to provide good quality time for someone else which is often mutually beneficial.

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image Published: Aug 24, 2017

To Absent Friends!

Table dispying items of rememberanceAlthough we in our culture sometimes feel uncomfortable talking about it, death is a normal part of life. After a bereavement, sometimes society pressures us to “move on”. Taking the time to remember people who are gone can often be very helpful, as part of the process of grieving.

Many churches hold an annual event, when people are invited to remember their Absent Friends. To Absent Friends is a people’s festival of storytelling and remembrance taking place across Scotland from 1-7 November. Groups are being invited to take part with the help of a small grants scheme.

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image Published: Aug 08, 2017

A Local Multiverse!

Hear from SRT Project Associate and former Committee member Dr Robin Green about his visit to a “multiverse” as part a weekend of scientific public lectures, entitled “Cosmic Collisions” earlier this summer. 

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image Published: Aug 04, 2017

Churches Mutual Credit Union - Three Million in assets in two years

Churches Mutual, the credit union for ordained and lay ministers, church charity employees and trustees, is celebrating reaching £3million pounds in assets.

Since its launch in 2015, CMCU has processed 1100 applications from individuals and a further 43 from corporate bodies such as churches and church organisations.  Since July 2016 it has had two extensions to its common bond to offer savings and loans to eligible members of the United Reformed Church and the Roman Catholic Church in England and Wales and in Scotland.

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image Published: Aug 01, 2017