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Edinburgh International Science Festival 2016

The Edinburgh International Science Festival Programme launched today and the festival run from 26 March to 10 April 2016. The Church of Scotland SRT Project is delighted to participate in the festival again this year and our event 'Can we address Fuel Poverty and respond to Climate Change? A Church of Scotland perspective' takes place on 6 April.

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image Published: Feb 04, 2016

Church hackers get to work

Would you like to know where all the heat goes in your church and halls? Do you enjoy fiddling about with circuit boards and other electronic stuff? Then how about coming along to a couple of events to learn how to put your soldering iron to good use in your church?

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image Published: Jan 20, 2016

The God Question DVD resource

Is your church interested in tackling the thorny issue of the relationship between science and faith? Perhaps you might consider using the God Question DVD and discussion pack. Read  what Dr Alan Fraser, from the Black Isle, had to say about his experience of using it in his church.

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image Published: Jan 12, 2016


The audios and videos from the last James Gregory Lecture are now available on the James Gregory website.

In this lecture Prof Eric Priest suggests how the sciences and humanities may be integrated.

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image Published: Nov 30, 2015

The climate baton heads to Paris with this prayer

Many hands have carried the climate baton this year. Rev Trevor Jamison, Environmental Chaplain, Eco Congregation Scotland, tells us how far the baton has traveled and the prayer he sends with it, in this article on the Church of Scotland website.

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image Published: Nov 26, 2015