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Play the SRT Operation Game!

image Published: Jun 20, 2012

Brain Freeze    Funny Bone    Broken Heart    Charley Horse    

The SRT Project helps the Church engage with ethical issues in science. We have linked some of the topics that we have covered in the past to the popular children's game 'Operation'.

There is a card available for each body part in the game and each card covers a different SRT topic. The cards can be used on their own as discussion starters, or with the Operation game in a fun way.

The aim is to highlight some of the issues that the SRT Project have looked at and get people thinking and talking about them.


The game was played and enjoyed by many adults and children at the recent Church of Scotland Heart & Soul event in Princes Street Gardens back in May 2012. We used a giant version of the game but you can play using the normal sized version!

Suggested ways to play the game (you will need a standard Operation game):

Download the cards

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