• James Gregory Lecture: John Chryssavgis on “A Christian response to the ecological crisis” Watch
  • James Gregory Lecture: Simon Conway Morris on the Emergence of Life Watch
  • James Gregory Lecture: “Theology, Spirituality and Hope: Reimagining Mental Health” Watch
  • Will a particular form of religion dominate the world in this century? Watch

Publications, Reports and Articles

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Article: SRT Project Activity Jun - Nov 15

Read More

Article: Christ and Creation: Scientists in Congregations Scotland Conference 29 & 30 Aug 2015

On 29th-30th August 2015 a major conference in St Andrews on “Christ and Creation" was organised by Scientists in Congregations Scotland ( and was funded by a grant from the John Templeton Foundation. This conference brought together a group of top-flight scientists, biblical scholars, theologians, and philosophers to speak to a group of Pastors, Scientists and Academics from all over Scotland. Read More

Article: SRT Project Activity Dec 14 - May 15

Find out what the SRT Project have been working on over the last six months. Read More

Report: Transplantation – Opting-in or opting- out for organ and tissue donation? May 2015

The Church of Scotland, along with many other faith groups, encourages organ and tissue donation. Currently in Scotland the system for organ and tissue donation involves an active “opt-in”, requiring a person to sign up to the organ donation register. An alternative “opt-out” model soon to be introduced in Wales means that an individual's organs are presumed to available for transplantation unless they have indicated otherwise. Read More

Article: Water and the Bible

I've had a lifetime's fascination with water, twelve of the best years being in India digging or drilling for it so people could get clean water, and building small dams so that rainwater could be saved for the dry months. The sight of children dancing for joy when a bore-hole strikes water in a dry area and cascades over them us unforgettable. Today water is the world's most critical resource. Water security and justice are rapidly becoming priorities for the sustainability of life on earth, so I still think about water a lot ... Read More

Article: Good Money Week

It was that great 20th century philosopher Bob Dylan who reminded us that: “Money doesn’t talk- money swears!”. Of course, he wasn’t the first person to warn of the dangers of money and possessions: Jesus warned his hearers, more than 2000 years earlier, that “you cannot serve both God and money” (Luke 16: 13). Read More

Article: Striving together: celebrating competitiveness in sport

The SRT Project recently produced a report, Striving together: celebrating competitiveness in sport. Read More

Report: Families and the Church in the 21st century: the meaning of kinship bonds May 2014

The SRT Project has produced a report ‘Families and the Church in the 21st century: the meaning of kinship bonds’. This will be presented to the General Assembly in May 2014 by the Church and Society Council. The report explores issues around what it mean to be a family in 21st century Scotland. Read More

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