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Publications, Reports and Articles

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Article: Food - too good to go to waste

The World Bank has been highlighting the fact that between a quarter and a third of the world’s food is lost or wasted. Read More

Article: Mental Health

Scottish Mental Health Week takes place in October each year. It is an opportunity to listen to those experiencing mental ill-health, and also those close to them. Read More

Article: My DNA

Dr Sheena Wurthmann, a SRT Committee Member, finds out about her biological heritage. Read More

Article: Food is a gift from God

One of the things that has been becoming clearer to us over the past few years is the need not only to be careful about what we eat, but also to reconnect with where our food comes from. Read More

Article: Healing broken hearts

It was recently reported that scientists have been working on using stem cells to repair hearts. Read More

Article: Let’s give the Church of England some credit

The Church of Scotland is committed to working with the Church of England to see how a joint Credit Union project can best serve more people across both nations. Read More

Report: Give us our Daily Bread May 2012

How can we produce enough food, cope with climate change and reduce our carbon footprint? The Church and Society Council prepared a report on sustainable agriculture for the General Assembly in 2012. Read More

Report: SRT Neurobiology, Freewill and Moral Responsibility May 2012

The SRT Project ran a working group to look at the ethics of neurobiology during 2010 and 2011. They group produced a report for presentation to the General Assembly in May 2012. Read More

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