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Publications, Reports and Articles

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Report: Give us our Daily Bread May 2012

How can we produce enough food, cope with climate change and reduce our carbon footprint? The Church and Society Council prepared a report on sustainable agriculture for the General Assembly in 2012. Read More

Report: SRT Neurobiology, Freewill and Moral Responsibility May 2012

The SRT Project ran a working group to look at the ethics of neurobiology during 2010 and 2011. They group produced a report for presentation to the General Assembly in May 2012. Read More

Report: A Right Relationship with Money May 2012

The Church of Scotland set up the Commission on the Purposes of Economic Activity, and spent two years exploring the fundamental ethical and moral questions underlying economic activity, many of which have been highlighted for society by the “credit crunch”. Read More

Article: Some ethical issues in brain imaging

Article written by Murdo Macdonald and published in the Cortex Discussion Forum. Read More

Article: All Things New: A Brief History of the First Forty Years of the Church of Scotland SRT Project

Written by John M Francis and Murdo macdonald: published in the Journal of Technology, Theology, & Religion: Volume 1, Issue 3 (October 2010) Read More

Article: Considering Synthia: what is synthetic biology all about?

Written by Dr Murdo Macdonald and published in Thinking Faith: the online journal for Brittish Jesuits. Read More

Report: Suicide among Young Men: the Church as a community of carers May 2011

The SRT Project ran a Working Group duing 2010 and 2011 and produced the report ‘Suicide among Young Men that was presented to the General Assembly in May 2011. Read More

Report: The Internet: In Whose Image? May 2011

Responding to the ethical and moral challenges of the Internet A group of members and staff from the Church and Society Council met in 2009 to look at the impact of the Internet on diverse aspects of Scottish society. Their initial proposals led to the establishment of a two year working group to study the ethical implications of the impact of the Internet on Scottish society, with a view to presenting the resulting report to the General Assembly in 2011. Read More

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