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Article: Considering Synthia: what is synthetic biology all about?

Written by Dr Murdo Macdonald and published in Thinking Faith: the online journal for Brittish Jesuits. Read More

Report: Suicide among Young Men: the Church as a community of carers May 2011

The SRT Project ran a Working Group duing 2010 and 2011 and produced the report ‘Suicide among Young Men that was presented to the General Assembly in May 2011. Read More

Report: The Internet: In Whose Image? May 2011

Responding to the ethical and moral challenges of the Internet A group of members and staff from the Church and Society Council met in 2009 to look at the impact of the Internet on diverse aspects of Scottish society. Their initial proposals led to the establishment of a two year working group to study the ethical implications of the impact of the Internet on Scottish society, with a view to presenting the resulting report to the General Assembly in 2011. Read More

Report: Nature v nurture: is sexual orientation inherited? August 2010

A literature review prepared for the Church of Scotland Special Commission on Same-Sex Relationships and the Ministry. Read More

Report: Economics Working Group Report May 2010

The Church set up a Commission on the Purposes of Economic Activity in 2010. Three conferences took place to raise questions for this Commission: ‘What Is The International Economy For?’;‘What Is The Market Economy For?’;‘What is the Social Economy for?’. Read More

Report: Brain Imaging and its Impact on Society December 2010

The SRT Project was involved, along with scientists from various Scottish universities, in the development of a report about the new technology of brain imaging. Read More

Report: Synthetic Biology Report May 2010

Major developments over the last sixty years in the fields of biology, physical sciences and engineering have contributed to the emergence of synthetic biology. Synthetic biology is concerned with artificial or unnatural living organisms or life. Life is a difficult concept, especially as we tend to think in terms of human or sentient life. However, in synthetic biology, life is considered in biochemical terms and is mostly concerned with some of the simplest forms of known life, such as bacteria and viruses. Read More

Report: End of Life Issues May 2009

Issues surrounding the end of life continue to provoke controversy and debate, with deeply and passionately held opinions on all sides of any argument. The position of the Church however remains that, while the relief of suffering is an obligation, the artificial ending of life is unacceptable. Read More

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