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Article: 2016: The Warmest Year on Record and One of the Most Politically Traumatic

2016 is on track to be the warmest year on record. Temperatures are likely to be on average approximately 1.2°C above pre-industrial levels. This follows on from two years, 2014 and 2015 that were themselves record breaking.  2016 was also a year of momentous political developments. On the positive side the Paris climate agreement of 2015 came into effect  on the 4 November 2016 following a signing ceremony at the United Nations in April in New York and ratification by 55 countries accounting for over 55 % of total global greenhouse gas emissions. Elsewhere less auspicious political developments were taking place with the election of Donald Trump to become president of the USA, a man who has previously expressed scepticism about climate change and has apparently little enthusiasm for the Paris agreement. Why does this matter? Read More

Article: SRT Project Summary Report Jun - Nov 2016

Thank you to all who continue to support and encourage the work of the SRT Project, in whatever capacity- not least in remembering us in your prayers. Here is an update on the work we have undertaken in the last few months. Read More

Article: Surveillance and Social Justice

One of the SRT Working Groups has been considering everyday surveillance with the aim of reporting to the General Assembly in 2017. Surveillance is not simply an activity of the security and intelligences services – as portrayed in the 007 or Bourne movies. Data-management is integral to, for example, identifying who needs to be supported through social welfare benefits. At the same time, surveillance systems can be almost insurmountable hurdles against receiving the benefits to which one is entitled. Ken Loach’s new film, I Daniel Blake, tells a story which, although disputed by the government, many people testify to being an apt description of the injustices they face. Read More

Article: End of Life Issues: Orkney Science Festival 2016

The Church of Scotland was delighted to collaborate on these events organised by University of Glasgow End of Life Studies Group at the Orkney Science Festival. Professor Robin Taylor, a medical doctor and ordained minister, was joined by Rev. Dr Hamilton Inbadas to speak on ethics, faith and belief in the face of death. Read More

Article: Suicide: the Church as a community of carers

In Scotland, it is a sad fact that suicide is one of the major causes of death among young people, particularly among young men. A young death is always one of the most devastating events for a family or a community, and when that death results from suicide the tragedy is all the harder to bear. Read More

Article: SRT Project Summary Report Dec 2015- June 2016

Thank you to all who continue to support and encourage the work of the SRT, in whatever capacity- not least in remembering us in your prayers. We would continue to encourage you to especially remember the work of the SRT during the special Week of Prayer (June 12- 18th. See Read More

Report: Energy Issues and Fuel Poverty May 2016

The SRT Project reported on Energy Issues and Fuel Poverty at the 2016 General Assembly. This is a highly topical and fast-moving subject. In recent years there have been very significant developments, such as the UK Government’s plans to terminate renewable energy subsidies and the announced closure of Longannet power station. Read More

Article: COP21

The Conference of the Parties for the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP21) was the 21st meeting of this organisation that was held in Paris in December 2015.  The pre-negotiations suggested that there were good chances of an agreement this time.  However there were major issues that needed to be resolved at the Paris Conference. Read More

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