A future worth saving for…

image Published: Oct 09, 2018

On Wednesday 3rd October 2018, the Church of Scotland and partners, Christian Aid Scotland, Ecumenical Council for Corporate Responsibility (ECCR) came together at the City of Edinburgh Methodist Church to host this year’s Good Money Week conference.

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What have faith and Finance got to do with Climate Change?

image Published: Oct 20, 2017

On Thursday 12 October 2017, the Church of Scotland and partners Christian Aid Scotland, Oikocredit UK and Ireland, Eco-Congregation Scotland and ECCR met in St Andrew’s and St Georges West Church in Edinburgh for this year’s Good Money Week Conference. It was a positive and inspiring day! Read the full conference report.

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SRT Project at the ABCUL Scotland Conference

image Published: Dec 15, 2016

On 9 December 2016 Dr Murdo Macdonald, (SRT Project Policy Officer) attended the ABCUL Scotland Conference in Glasgow. Along with Karen Armstrong, (Scottish Government) and Bobby Gould, (CUNA Mutual), Murdo presented at one of the workshops: Creating a Fairer Scotland – What role for credit unions? Murdo talked about the Church’s work over the last few years to promote membership and connections with credit unions within its congregations.

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Credit Union Outreach service opens in Kirkton Church, Carluke

image Published: Mar 02, 2016

Lanarkshire Credit Union (LCU), formerly Blantyre and South Lanarkshire Credit Union has opened a new outreach service in Carluke. The new Outreach service will be held in Carluke’s Kirkton Church every Monday from 10am to 12 noon, giving residents of Carluke a regular opportunity for face to face contact with the credit union.

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Principal Clerk chairs new action group on affordable credit

image Published: Mar 01, 2016

Moves to improve access to affordable credit in Scotland for people on low incomes are to be championed by a new action group led by the Very Rev John Chalmers. 

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Good Money Week 18 - 24 October

image Published: Oct 21, 2015

This week is an opportunity for us take a look at how we handle our finances and to ask whether we could do better. Our conference in Edinburgh two weeks ago took a look at some of the ways we can ensure personal and congregational decisions benefit everyone in our communities.

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VW emissions will spread into the world of investor decisions

image Published: Sep 28, 2015

Iona Bain, The Herald Scotland, Sat 26 September 2015.

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Weigh up the options for making ethical investments

image Published: Sep 28, 2015

Ken­neth MacPhie of An­der­son MacPhie Fi­nan­cial Ser­vices The Herald, UK, 19 Sep 2015

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International Credit Union Day Celebrates People Helping People

image Published: Sep 17, 2015

On October 15, 2015, credit unions around the world will celebrate International Credit Union Day (ICU Day).

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Good Money App

image Published: Aug 25, 2015

The Good Money App equips Christians with reflections, prayers and a whole host of useful tools to enable us to be better stewards of our money wherever you are - in the supermarket, on holiday, grappling with a decision on a loan or thinking about your savings.

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Penicuik North Kirk joins local Credit Union

image Published: Jan 15, 2015

Penicuik North Kirk has joined other denominations in the area to take a stand against debt and poverty by joining forces with a local credit union to bring fair and affordable savings, mortgages and loans to church members and the wider community.

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Energy, Climate Change and Fuel Poverty Working Group

image Published: Nov 13, 2014

A working group of the Church of Scotland Church & Society Council has begun to examine the issues around Fuel Poverty with the aim of reporting to the 2016 General Assembly.

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Good Money Week

image Published: Sep 24, 2014

It was that great 20th century philosopher Bob Dylan who reminded us that: “Money doesn’t talk- money swears!”. Of course, he wasn’t the first person to warn of the dangers of money and possessions: Jesus warned his hearers, more than 2000 years earlier, that “you cannot serve both God and money” (Luke 16: 13).

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Your Faith Your Finance

image Published: Nov 13, 2013

The Ecumenical Council for Corporate Responsibility (ECCR) and Quaker Peace & Social Witness (QPSW) have recently launched a your faith your finance website.

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Let’s give the Church of England some credit

image Published: Nov 07, 2013

The Church of Scotland is committed to working with the Church of England to see how a joint Credit Union project can best serve more people across both nations.

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10 ways your church can get involved with Credit Unions

image Published: Oct 01, 2013

Members of many parish churches are already credit union members. This is hardly surprising since there are over 100 credit unions (CUs) in Scotlandwith a total membership of 250,000. All CUs offer their members a convenient way to save and borrow. They are owned and run by their members, and funds are protected under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

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National Ethical Investment Week in October each year

image Published: Aug 20, 2013

Find out more about the Campaign and how you can get involved.

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A Credit Union: A common bond for a common good

image Published: Mar 12, 2013

A credit union is a financial services co-operative. It starts with a collective of like minded people, providing ethical, practical solutions with the objective of sharing wealth among its members and access to low cost affordable credit which might otherwise be unobtainable to some people.

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A Right Relationship with Money May 2012

image Published: Apr 19, 2012

The Church of Scotland set up the Commission on the Purposes of Economic Activity, and spent two years exploring the fundamental ethical and moral questions underlying economic activity, many of which have been highlighted for society by the “credit crunch”.

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Economics Working Group Report May 2010

image Published: Mar 02, 2011

The Church set up a Commission on the Purposes of Economic Activity in 2010. Three conferences took place to raise questions for this Commission: ‘What Is The International Economy For?’;‘What Is The Market Economy For?’;‘What is the Social Economy for?’.

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Economics Conferences

image Published: May 17, 2010

The Church has been involved in the ethics of economics since 1995 primarily as part of the its work with the European Ecumenical Commission for Church and Society (EECCS)  In 2009-10 The SRT launched a series of conferences to examine the ethical dimensions of economics.

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Money Matters: Christian reflections on consumerism

image Published: May 12, 2010

Life today can often seem very bewildering: the busyness and confusion that happens in daily life, the rapidly changing world of technology, the latest celebrity gossip. None of these things are necessarily bad, however as Christians we are called to be salt and light in the world, to make a difference where we can, and to remember that the focus of our attention should not be on ourselves or this world, but in loving God and treating others as we would wish to be treated.

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