End Of Life Issues

End of Life Issues: Orkney Science Festival 2016

image Published: Oct 04, 2016

The Church of Scotland was delighted to collaborate on these events organised by University of Glasgow End of Life Studies Group at the Orkney Science Festival. Professor Robin Taylor, a medical doctor and ordained minister, was joined by Rev. Dr Hamilton Inbadas to speak on ethics, faith and belief in the face of death.

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End of Life Issues: A Christian Perspective

image Published: Nov 30, 2011

Much recent UK media coverage has surrounded decisions by individuals to seek assisted death, or to refuse medical treatment when a terminal condition is diagnosed. Making decisions about the end of life has ethical, religious and pastoral implications that affect not just the individual sufferer but carers and family members alike.

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End of Life Issues May 2009

image Published: Nov 01, 2010

Issues surrounding the end of life continue to provoke controversy and debate, with deeply and passionately held opinions on all sides of any argument. The position of the Church however remains that, while the relief of suffering is an obligation, the artificial ending of life is unacceptable.

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