SRT Neurobiology, Freewill and Moral Responsibility May 2012

image Published: Mar 31, 2013

The SRT Project ran a working group to look at the ethics of neurobiology during 2010 and 2011. They group produced a report for presentation to the General Assembly in May 2012.

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Neurobiology: Free will and moral responsibility

image Published: Apr 18, 2012

Do we have free will, or are we just puppets, controlled by our brains? Some recent advances in neuroscience, while giving unprecedented access to our brains, are being used to support the idea that our behaviour is determined by our unconscious and that ultimately we don’t make the decisions that we think we do - it’s all down to our brain telling us what to do.

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Some ethical issues in brain imaging

image Published: Aug 10, 2011

Article written by Murdo Macdonald and published in the Cortex Discussion Forum.

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Brain Imaging and its Impact on Society December 2010

image Published: Dec 31, 2010

The SRT Project was involved, along with scientists from various Scottish universities, in the development of a report about the new technology of brain imaging.

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Synthetic Biology Report May 2010

image Published: Nov 01, 2010

Major developments over the last sixty years in the fields of biology, physical sciences and engineering have contributed to the emergence of synthetic biology. Synthetic biology is concerned with artificial or unnatural living organisms or life. Life is a difficult concept, especially as we tend to think in terms of human or sentient life. However, in synthetic biology, life is considered in biochemical terms and is mostly concerned with some of the simplest forms of known life, such as bacteria and viruses.

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Synthetic Biology

image Published: May 12, 2010

What is the right relationship between humanity and nature? Does God give us authority to unpick and reconstruct nature in the fundamental way which is at the core of synthetic biology? How far is far enough, and to what extent should our God- given ability to be creative be hemmed in by moral and ethical considerations?

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Biotechnology Ethics

image Published: Sep 03, 2001

Future technological developments concerning food, agriculture and the environment face a gulf of social legitimation from a sceptical public and media, in the wake of the crises of BSE, GM food, and foot and mouth disease in the UK. There is distrust of the bioindustry, the regulatory system and the assurances of Government. This paper examines agricultural biotechnology in terms of a social contract, assessing the conditions which would be necessary to re-establish a measure of public trust against a climate of suspicion. A vital factor is how far new shared visions can be found for future developments in this field.

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