Nuclear Power

Nuclear Weapons

image Published: Aug 21, 2014

For 30 years the Church of Scotland has consistently condemned the existence and threat of nuclear weapons as sinful and an offence to God’s created order. With other Churches in Scotland, the United Kingdom and around the world we have campaigned for disarmament and urged the countries that possess nuclear weapons to abide by their international treaty obligations and work together for a world free of nuclear weapons.

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What Future for Nuclear Power?

image Published: Apr 14, 2010

It is our view that the future prospects for nuclear power cannot properly be assessed in isolation from an overall understanding of energy production and use in the UK. In this respect we are disturbed that the Government’s assessment of the different sectors of the country’s energy requirements is apparently being done on a piecemeal basis - coal, nuclear, renewables, etc. Many experts, as well as ourselves, have repeatedly stressed to the Government that in an area so strategic to the country’s well being - not only economic, but also environmental, and in health and safety - it is profoundly lacking in foresight to assess the prospects in any particular sector of energy, without setting out an overall, long term energy policy. This should address not only the balance of energy supply methods, but the necessary portfolio of investment incentives and fiscal policy to reduce energy consumption, encourage energy efficiency.

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