Internet Ethics

Surveillance and Social Justice May 2017

image Published: May 26, 2017

The work of the SRT Project Surveillance and Social Justice working group has now ended as the final report was presented to the General Assembly in May 2017.

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The Internet: In Whose Image?

image Published: Nov 30, 2011

The Internet is now an unremarkable part of our lives. It has entered our working spaces, our schools and our living rooms, even our hands in the form of smartphones, subtly modifying the way we do business, find information, learn, shop and entertain ourselves.

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The Internet: In Whose Image? May 2011

image Published: Apr 26, 2011

Responding to the ethical and moral challenges of the Internet A group of members and staff from the Church and Society Council met in 2009 to look at the impact of the Internet on diverse aspects of Scottish society. Their initial proposals led to the establishment of a two year working group to study the ethical implications of the impact of the Internet on Scottish society, with a view to presenting the resulting report to the General Assembly in 2011.

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John Knox’s Guide to Net Ethics

image Published: Mar 07, 2006

The following is an article written in 1996, for what was going to be ‘John Knox’s Guide to the Internet’, before the project to produce became overtaken by events (largely on cloning issues which burst upon us at this point and took up a great deal of our time for the next several years). But 10 years on we think quite a lot of it is still relevant and we’ve even added a bit about information overload and authoritative information.

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