God and Science

The God Particle Play is back for 2016!

image Published: Feb 11, 2016

“The God Particle”, a romantic comedy with a hint of sci-fi, will be touring the UK from late March to early June, including a number of performances in Churches of Scotland (17th- 23rd Feb) Written by James Cary, award-winning co-writer of BBC1’s Miranda, BBC3’s Bluestone 42 and Radio 4’s Another Case of Milton Jones, The God particle enjoyed a sell- out run at the 2015 Edinburgh Festival Fringe, and is described as being “deep, smart, and very funny.”

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The God Question DVD resource

image Published: Jan 12, 2016

Is your church interested in tackling the thorny issue of the relationship between science and faith? Perhaps you might consider using the God Question DVD and discussion pack. Read  what Dr Alan Fraser, from the Black Isle, had to say about his experience of using it in his church.

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Hasn’t Science Disproved Christianity?

image Published: Apr 14, 2010

For many people, to suggest that science and belief in God belong together would be greeted by blank amazement or suspicion. No one in their right mind would question the power of science to tell us what is true about the universe around us. Science is the way to see the world. Religion is, at best, unnecessary - a private matter, for those who are into that sort of thing. If there’s a conflict, it’s automatically decided in favour of science. To go on believing in God today, because you had to in order to make sense of the world, would be as outdated as the British Empire or steam trains.

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