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Mental Health

Suicide: the Church as a community of carers

image Published: Jun 29, 2016

In Scotland, it is a sad fact that suicide is one of the major causes of death among young people, particularly among young men. A young death is always one of the most devastating events for a family or a community, and when that death results from suicide the tragedy is all the harder to bear.

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Mental Health

image Published: Nov 07, 2013

Scottish Mental Health Week takes place in October each year. It is an opportunity to listen to those experiencing mental ill-health, and also those close to them.

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Mental Health Issues

image Published: Nov 30, 2011

What makes a church a good one to belong to if you are struggling with your mental health? Is it the fact they have a Counsellor on staff or have an annual Depression Awareness Day? Or is it that they are aware enough to care, small enough to notice and moving slowly enough to actually deliver?

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Suicide among Young Men: the Church as a community of carers May 2011

image Published: May 25, 2011

The SRT Project ran a Working Group duing 2010 and 2011 and produced the report ‘Suicide among Young Men that was presented to the General Assembly in May 2011.

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