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Organ Donation: Presuming consent?

image Published: Oct 31, 2016

On 23 November the Church of Scotland highlighted the importance of organ donation, and the life- enhancing, life- giving effects that organ donation has on many families. At an open meeting in Biggar organised by the Presbytery of Lanark, Dr Murdo Macdonald, SRT Project Policy Officer spoke on organ donation, while a local family talked about their experience of raising a child who has had to undergo an organ transplant.

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Transplantation – Opting-in or opting- out for organ and tissue donation? May 2015

image Published: May 26, 2015

The Church of Scotland, along with many other faith groups, encourages organ and tissue donation. Currently in Scotland the system for organ and tissue donation involves an active “opt-in”, requiring a person to sign up to the organ donation register. An alternative “opt-out” model soon to be introduced in Wales means that an individual's organs are presumed to available for transplantation unless they have indicated otherwise.

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