What have faith and Finance got to do with Climate Change?

image Published: Oct 20, 2017

On Thursday 12 October 2017, the Church of Scotland and partners Christian Aid Scotland, Oikocredit UK and Ireland, Eco-Congregation Scotland and ECCR met in St Andrew’s and St Georges West Church in Edinburgh for this year’s Good Money Week Conference. It was a positive and inspiring day! Read the full conference report.

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Water and the Bible

image Published: May 20, 2015

I've had a lifetime's fascination with water, twelve of the best years being in India digging or drilling for it so people could get clean water, and building small dams so that rainwater could be saved for the dry months. The sight of children dancing for joy when a bore-hole strikes water in a dry area and cascades over them us unforgettable. Today water is the world's most critical resource. Water security and justice are rapidly becoming priorities for the sustainability of life on earth, so I still think about water a lot ...

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Food is a gift from God

image Published: Nov 07, 2013

One of the things that has been becoming clearer to us over the past few years is the need not only to be careful about what we eat, but also to reconnect with where our food comes from.

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Give us our Daily Bread May 2012

image Published: Apr 24, 2013

How can we produce enough food, cope with climate change and reduce our carbon footprint? The Church and Society Council prepared a report on sustainable agriculture for the General Assembly in 2012.

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Food is a Gift from God

image Published: Mar 12, 2013

Food is more than just fuel. It is a gift and a blessing upon which we all depend. Yet many of us shop in supermarkets for our food and never give a second thought about where it comes from or how it is produced. What we eat and how it is grown should mean much more to us than this.

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Church Energy Saving In Scotland

image Published: Apr 14, 2010

Saving energy is one of the key elements in the move to a more sustainable use of resources and care for the environment. Churches are typically large, old, listed buildings with intermittent patterns of use, and so can easily waste a lot of energy. In late 1978, the Church of Scotland took the pioneering step of tackling its energy use by launching probably the world’s first energy efficiency scheme for churches and related buildings. The impetus came for its Society, Religion and Technology Project, and began with sending energy efficiency guidelines, letters and publicity sheets to Church of Scotland Presbyteries and office bearers, and also to some Scottish Episcopal and other churches. Some 3000 churches in Scotland were made aware of the scheme.

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Sustainable Agriculture Report 2002

image Published: Mar 10, 2010

In 2002 the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland considered a report on sustainable agriculture.

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The Effect of Transport on the Scottish Environment

image Published: Mar 09, 2010

The Effect of Transport on the Scottish Environment Chapter from the 1994 Church and Nation Committee Report “The Environmental Impact of Economic Activity in Scotland” In recent years transport has emerged as one of the most urgent environmental issues. Like energy, all forms of transport impact on the environment. Even the more benign can damage by overuse in a fragile location, as the effects of repeated booted feet on a popular “Munro” bear witness. How much more with mechanically propelled transport!

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