Boys Brigade engaging with Church and Community during major sporting event

image Published: Nov 02, 2015

Engage with the Community

The Officers and Boys of 8th Airdrie Company set up a family and friends Quiz night to coincide with the Third matches of Scotland vs South Africa and England vs Australia.

We shared the Event information by word of mouth, our BB Facebook page and with the church congregation.

Saturday 3rd October we set-up our projector screen and connected to a catch-up TV channel on the internet.  We were delighted that almost thirty people came along to watch and take part in the quiz.  Despite the results not going the way we had hoped both games were very hard fought matches and even those who knew little about rugby enjoyed their time with us.

Quote from one of the younger boy’s parents:-

“Just to say thank you for a fantastic afternoon, had a really nice time only planned on staying for an hour or so we ended up staying until well after 8 o'clock . Great hospitality as always made to feel really welcome. Enjoyed the quiz too, know nothing about rugby but just ...real good fun !!!!”

Engage with your Church

The officers and boys of 8th Airdrie Company approached the minister of Airdrie High Church to see if he would allow us to take a part of the Organisational Re-dedication Service in the church on 4th October.  He agreed and we set about weaving the All age worship resource information provided within the Game of Life.  We split the service into three parts.

Firstly, we used the two sides of sport video to explain to the church the similarities of the game of rugby and the game of life.  We made reference to Paul’s letter to the church at Corinth during it’s troubled times and how each of us could help in the church the way the players make the best team possible in rugby.

Secondly, the boys performed the “Human Machine” passing rugby balls across the church chansel like robots as part of an assembly line. We then explained what happens if a small part of the chain does not work or is not there and how this is like the work of the church.

Lastly, we asked the whole congregation present to use the cut out rugby shirts to tell the BB (and /or the church) what talent they could help with within the church.  We still have to analyse these returns but will look to pass them onto other organisations within the church in order to benefit all in the best way.

The material supplied via the Game of Life DVD has certainly allowed our  BB Company to explore rugby and the Christian witness of the high profile players contained within it to spread God’s Love through our BB Family, church and community.

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