Dads Rock: Supporting Dads, Children and Families

image Published: Dec 19, 2017

Dads Rock offers playgroups, Dad2be antenatal classes and 1:1 support for Young Dads (aged 25 or under).

Over the last five years Dads Rock has provided a crucial support network for Dads, children and families in Edinburgh, helping Dads increase their confidence and to be better parents for their children.  We know that children have better chances in life when their Dads play an active role in their lives.

Each year we work directly with over 1000 Dads, children and families. 

Our latest funding applications have been unsuccessful, we are working hard to secure longer term funding, however to survive we have had to cut our services to families and reduce our staff.

We need your help to secure our future.

Find out more about Dads Rock and how you can help here


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