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Edinburgh International Science Festival 2016

image Published: Feb 04, 2016

The Science Festival 2016 will be exploring science, technology, engineering and design’s ability to help improve our world and our lives through the concept of Building Better Worlds.  Through a vibrant and varied programme of events, exhibitions and happenings, you can exploring everything from the personal to the political, the microscopic to the cosmic, and the natural to the synthetic.

You’ll voyage through our planetary system of ideas and together we’ll discover if a better world is here and now, just beyond our reach or on another planet.There’s something for everyone, young and old, at Edinburgh International Science Festival this Easter.You’re sure to find the perfect solution for a great scientific day (and night!) out. Join us on this voyage of discovery…

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The Church of Scotland SRT Project is presenting an event on 6 April:

Can we address Fuel Poverty and respond to Climate Change? A Church of Scotland perspective

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