Faraday Regional Day Courses

image Published: Oct 21, 2015

For the past ten years The Faraday Institute  has run a series of successful weekend courses in Cambridge on Science and Religion. These courses discuss some of the historical and current issues in the relationship between science and faith, and consider the ethical, theological and philosophical implications of contemporary science. The speakers on our courses are experts in their field, bringing their knowledge and understanding to bear on some of the tricky questions posed by scientific and technological progress.

We are aware that many people cannot afford the time or money for a residential course in Cambridge. So we want to spread our work by running a series of Regional Courses throughout the UK and are looking for local groups or organisations to partner with us. The Regional Courses are one-day courses, typically taking place during the day on a Saturday, and can be tailored to a specific local context. So would you like to organise a Faraday Regional Day Course in your local area?  We will work with you to plan it and help with everything from booking speakers to providing a bookstall. If so contact Faraday Course Director, Hilary Marlow on hm309@cam.ac.uk.

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