Friends of the Earth - “Tell your councillor we must stop investing in fossil fuels”

image Published: Nov 10, 2017

Friends of the Earth has launched a new campaign for fossil free pensions after it revealed that Scottish council pensions have more than £1.8 billion invested in the fossil fuel industry.

Ric Lander, Divestment Campaigner, Friends of the Earth Scotland said: "This includes BP, Exxon and Shell - some of the companies most responsible for climate change.

"A global climate crisis is underway, with extreme weather and rising sea levels threatening the lives of millions of people. Action is urgently needed, but our councils are still banking on the culprits.

"Our councils must divest their pension funds from fossil fuels, and instead put their money behind worthwhile projects like social housing and green energy."

Visit the Friends of the Earth website for more information and find out how to Email your councillor to ask them to support their campaign for fossil free pensions.

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