Good Money App

image Published: Aug 25, 2015

The Good Money App equips Christians with reflections, prayers and a whole host of useful tools to enable us to be better stewards of our money wherever you are - in the supermarket, on holiday, grappling with a decision on a loan or thinking about your savings.

 Whether you’re comfortably off, or struggling to get by, the Good Money App provides:

> A range of useful tools to enable you to track elements of your spending, your giving or your insurance, a handy   holiday money converter and much more.

> Reflections to help you think about your stewardship of your spending, saving, investing borrowing and giving.

> Some suggested prayers to start you off.

The App has been developed by Chris Sheldon (Chief Executive of Kingdom Bank) and John Preston (the Church of England’s National Stewardship Officer) with help from a number of others.  John will be speaking at our Good Money Week Conference on 3 October in Edinburgh. 

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