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Home for Good vision events, Perth 8 June, Glasgow, 9 June, Edinburgh 13 June

image Published: May 29, 2017

Scotland urgently needs 640 more foster carers. Home for Good believes the Church is ideally placed to find homes for children who desperately need them and support families that foster and adopt. Home for Good exists to inspire and equip churches to make this vision a reality, and throughout the UK Christians are stepping forward to foster and adopt, and churches are wrapping around these families to support them.

Home for Good would love to connect with you, share what is happening across the UK and begin to explore what home for good might look like in Perth, Glasgow  and Edinburgh. Please join them at one of their events for an inspirational evening.

Please come if you…have experience of fostering or adoption, are thinking about fostering or adoption, would like to support families that foster or adopt, or want your church to be a welcoming place for looked-after children.

Perth: 8 June  Further details and booking

Glasgow: 9 June Further details and booking

Edinburgh: 13 June Further details and booking 

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