National Ethical Investment Week in October each year

image Published: Aug 20, 2013

Green and ethical investing aims to allow you to make money and make a difference.

National Ethical Investment Week (NEIW) is a campaign to ensure that everyone knows that they have green and ethical options when it comes to their finance and investment decisions. It brings together Advisers, Charities and Churches, Financial Organisations, Faith Groups, NGOS and Community Groups to spread the word about green and ethical investing.

Check out the Church of Scotland resource pack that will help you and your church include NEIW in your worship.

NEIW: A Guide for Churches

NEIW: Helpful links and suggestions for taking action

Money doing good info-graphic

Ethical Investment: Worship Resources

Ethical Investment: Worship Resouces (text only for copy and paste) is is a new website which will help people and churches explore their financial decisions in the light of their Christian faith.

For more informationon National Ethical Investment Week visit the NEIW website.

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