• James Gregory Lecture: John Chryssavgis on “A Christian response to the ecological crisis” Watch
  • James Gregory Lecture: Simon Conway Morris on the Emergence of Life Watch
  • James Gregory Lecture: “Theology, Spirituality and Hope: Reimagining Mental Health” Watch
  • Will a particular form of religion dominate the world in this century? Watch

Scientists in Congregations: Science and Christianity podcast now available on iTunes

image Published: Nov 12, 2014

The podcast includes audio recordings of the James Gregory lectures and SICS conference papers from people including N.T. Wright, John Webster, Keith Ward, John Wyatt, John Polkinghorne, Denis Alexander, Pauline Rudd, among many others.

James Gregory public lectures on Science and Christianity bring in world-class scholars to St Andrews to present cutting-edge perspectives on the relationship of faith and science. They will take place over a three-year period from September 2013 - May 2016. The aim of these lectures is to encourage a constructive and open conversation about questions of science and faith. The lectures are supported by a generous grant from the John Templeton foundation and are a part of the School of Divinity's new research programme, Scientists in Congregations, Scotland.

Link to  the podcast in iTunes 

Videos of the lectures and conference papers, as well as details of future lectures, can be found here.

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