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image Published: Jan 12, 2016

Is your church interested in tackling the thorny issue of the relationship between science and faith? Perhaps you might consider using the God Question DVD and discussion pack. Here’s what Dr Alan Fraser, from the Black Isle, had to say about his experience of using it in his church:

“The God Question DVD has been used twice in our church in the Highlands.

It was first used two years ago with a group of 6 to 8 men. The discussions following the screening of each video session were frank and wide ranging. It was an agreed requisite for participation in the group discussion that each could speak freely without fear of being (mis)quoted outside of the group. This led not only to the men speaking freely what they believed but also being ready to ask the ‘dumb’ questions without fear of ridicule. We all learned a lot. It was indeed a lively, respectful and fruitful exploration of the evidence and the reasons behind different beliefs.

Recently we screened the series again, this time with a more disparate group in our own home, starting by eating a main course together before continuing with the videos and discussion. Although the group represented a variety of beliefs, including agnosticism, and a variety of levels of understanding of science, there was always lively discussion and readiness to examine the evidence.

I would recommend The God Question series and am currently encouraging other churches to make use of this excellent resource. I would also like to see it used in schools. The fast moving presentation of a variety of viewpoints with supporting evidence and reasons is a great way of opening out discussion. Although a range of beliefs are presented I have complete confidence in the power of the truth, clearly presented, to overcome error. It is good to have issues dealt with in a framework of respectful reasoning rather than by ridicule or naked authority.

I am hopeful that an opportunity to run the series with a church group in Inverness may arise soon.”

Dr Fraser has recently retired following a career in teaching, including as deputy head of the Nicolson Institute in Stornoway.

For further information about The God Question resource, please see: Exploring the God Question is at the heart of a new national, interdenominational initiative called Grasping the Nettle (, which aims to transform public understanding of issues relating to science and God, and to re-engage our highly secularised culture with the Christian worldview.

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