Dr Caroline Cowan

Scottish Government

Caro has spent most of her career working on environment and science issues ranging from climate change, to fisheries, to being Director of Science and Innovation at the British Embassy in Brazil. Much of this work has been focused on how to bring science into effective policy-making and how to break down barriers between science and government, and to promote co-operation on science between different countries. Prior to starting work in Government she did a PhD looking at the history and politics of nature conservation in Kenya and has a Masters in Environment and Development. She is a member of Canongate Kirk in Edinburgh and wasmarried there, enabling her and her husband Patrick to walk up the Royal Mile to their reception, causing much bemusement amongst the many tourists. In her spare time she likes to walk up hills, especially when it is snowy, swim slowly, occasionally run around Holyrood Park and bake cakes to fuel all these activities.

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