Dr John Francis

A nuclear scientist turned environmentalist and the first director of the SRT Project, John Francis spent 25 years in The Scottish Office as a senior civil servant (until 1999), working with successive Secretaries of State & Scottish Ministers. He was Principal Adviser on Science & Technology for Development, WCC, Geneva (1971-1983) and also Senior Research Fellow in Energy Studies at Heriot-WattUniversity.  In 1984, he was appointed as Director-Scotland, Nature Conservancy Council  (GB) and then chief executive of the Nature Conservancy Council for Scotland until 1992.  After leaving the Scottish Office, he was elected as chair of the new UK National Commission for UNESCO (1999 – 2003).  He remains closely involved in the work of the SRT Project, serving both on the Church & Society Council and on the SRT Committee. His wide-ranging current involvements include Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh (since 1991); Honorary Fellow, Royal Scottish Geographical Society; Honorary Fellow, Royal Zoological Society Scotland; Honorary Fellow, University of Edinburgh; Governing Board (since 2008) - UNESCO Centre for Water Law, Policy & Science, University of Dundee; Deputy Chair, UNESCO Scotland Committee/UK National Commission for UNESCO. He is a member of St Giles’ Cathedral, Edinburgh.

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