Dr Sheena Wurthmann

Sheena Wurthmann was a senior lecturer at Glasgow Caledonian University (1971 – 2004), teaching in the School of the Built and Natural Environment. She was a Fulbright Exchange Professor at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (1984 – 85). She was a member of West Areas Board and Scientific Advisory Committee of Scottish Natural Heritage and the Scottish Biodiversity Committee (chair of the Interpretation, Communication and Education sub-committee). Currently she is a member of the South West Region Board of Scottish Environment Protection Agency, greenspace scotland and the Conservation Committee of the Scottish Wildlife Trust.

Dr. Wurthmann is particularly interested in biodiversity, landscape and habitat quality and the natural heritage of Scotland. She enjoys sharing these interests through environmental education. Sheena Wurthmann was born in Glasgow, studied ecology at the University of Edinburgh and gained her doctorate from the University of Lancaster. Her research interests are the ecology of urban environments and environmental quality. Married to William Wurthmann (historian) she lives in Glasgow. Interests include travel, quilting, field ecology and reading.

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