Dr Tillmann Vierkant

University of Edinburgh School of Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences

Tillmann Vierkant is Lecturer in Philosophy of Mind at the University of Edinburgh School of Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences. He works on conscious will and the zombie challenge as well as theory of mind, mental actions, metacognition, neuroethics and many other areas of philosophy of cognitive science.



Some recent publications and grants:

Vierkant, T. (2005). ‘Owning Intentions and Moral Responsibility’, Ethical Theory and Moral Practice 8 (5): 507-34.
Vierkant, T. (2008). ‘Wille und Selbst’ [The Will and the Self]. In Vierkant, T. (ed.), Willenshandlungen [Voluntary Actions], Suhrkamp.
Vierkant, T. (2009). ‘Review of Don Ross et al. (ed), Distributed Cognition and the Will: Individual Volition and Social Context.’ Mind 118: 870-74.
Vierkant, T., & Paraskevaides, A. (2012a). ‘Mindshaping and the Intentional Control of the Mind’. In Paglieri, F. (ed.), Consciousness in Interaction, John Benjamins.
Vierkant, T.  (2011) "Responsibility and the Automaticity Threat 8:2 SCRIPTed p184, http://www.law.ed.ac.uk/ahrc/script-ed/vol8-2/vierkant.asp
Vierkant, T. (2012b). ‘Self Knowledge and Knowing Other Minds: The Implicit / Explicit Distinction as a Tool in Understanding Theory of Mind.’ British Journal of Developmental Psychology 30 (1): 141-55.
Vierkant, T. (with J. Kiverstein & A. Clark) (2013). ‘Decomposing the Will: Meeting the Zombie Challenge.’ In Vierkant, T., Clark, A., & Kiverstein, J. (eds.) Decomposing the Will, Oxford University Press.

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